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hey saturday [Jul. 1st, 2006|02:10 pm]
[mood |bored/tired/fuck]
[music |Kind of Like Spitting - You I Seek]

Hank Williams III was awesome last night. He did about forty-five minutes of straight up country music, and then moved on to a more Pantera style metal/hardcore set. That was not really my cup of tea, so I snuck out, and went upstairs to the bar where Straw Boss were playing. I'm happy to announce that Straw Boss were amazing. At one point one of their friends came on stage to do lead vocals for a couple of songs, and I shit you not, he sounded dead on Johnny Cash. It really blew my mind. I definitely want to catch Straw Boss again. It is perfect Saturday night boozing music.

My plans for today kind of fell through, so now I'm bored, and will probably take a five hour nap until it is time to meet up with Theo and some people later to go bar hopping and see old friends. I haven't seen Julie in literally eight years, so that should be interesting.